Oxford Heartbeat, a medtech startup that has developed a new AI-powered surgical decision-making software for use in high-risk brain stenting procedures, has been awarded an additional £1.5 million in funding through an Innovate UK Biomedical Catalyst grant.

The company’s PreSize Neurovascular software is designed to support accurate, safe and precise decision-making in brain stenting surgeries. It gives surgeons the ability to rehearse high-risk procedures and evaluate the best scenario for each patient. As a result, complications in surgery can be reduced and, ultimately, patient outcomes can be improved.

The technology, which has already raised around £4 million in funding, has demonstrated a high level of accuracy and is currently undergoing a pilot study. The company has partnered with several NHS Trusts to assess the technology’s impact on clinical conditions.

Inaccurate stenting procedures cost patient lives and waste significant amounts of hospital resources. Figures indicate that 10 per cent of surgeries waste one or more stents, while around 20 per cent of patients have repeat surgeries due to complications.

The new funding will enable the company to continue the development of its technology, with the aim of improving access for surgeons and patient outcomes.

Oxford Heartbeat CEO Dr Katerina Spranger said: “Brain aneurysms can strike out of the blue and with devastating consequences. We are dealing with some of the most complex surgeries and the challenge before healthcare practitioners cannot be overstated, especially as the NHS works to bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic.”

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