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  • 'Edible batteries' open door to new medical device development

    Researchers have developed ‘edible batteries’ that it’s hoped will help with the creation of medical devices that patients can swallow, to aid treatment and diagnosis of illnesses.

    The idea has been around for some time but had not progressed because ordinary batteries contain large amounts of toxic chemicals. Now a team...


  • Medical device helps children learn correct asthma inhalation techniques

    A new medical device has been produced to help children with asthma learn to inhale their medication correctly.

    Clement Clarke International (CCI) has developed a new type of facemask to guide younger children to learn the right techniques to gain the most from their medication.

    The Able Spacer uses a whistle that sounds...


  • New wearable medical devices developed for people with autism

    Researchers at Lancaster University have worked with Autism Initiatives UK to develop a new medical device to help people with the condition to connect and interact with others.

    The Clasp project, which is focusing on wearable medical devices, is aiming to improve the lives of high-functioning people on the autism spectrum who have not...



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